These Are 4 Bird Types Which Have Melodious Voice


Birds are the animals that are not depleted due to the death of an animal enthusiasts this one quite a lot. Although the animals like this one the majority of men, but the bird is an animal that has a high value. If you have a cute animal and melodious voice, of course, this could be the business field because the price is quite high pet. Moreover, animals that have a melodious voice is an animal that can entertain. By having an animal that melodious voice, of course, on the day can make the atmosphere in the morning to be more attractive to look at the birds and hear the melodious voice.

Birds that have melodious voice not only today only known by many people because of the bird in a melodious voice had long existed. For its own kind there are a lot of birds that have melodious voice, but this time will only discuss four types only. The four species of birds whose melodious voice is as below.

Bird kacer

Kacer bird is a bird that has long existed, but the bird’s melodious voice has recently become the belle of many people. There are two types of birds kacer namely Java and kacer kacer pitcher. That makes two different kinds of birds kacer is located on the feathers. For Java kacer bird has black fur on the chest up to the cloaca. While birds kacer pot contained only black feathers on the chest. While on the white chest down. Kacer bird is a bird which is used as a fighter with a melodious voice.


Walnuts are bird species that do not require time to play in the cage. This is because this type of bird is always inside the cage so it is safe for families. The canary is a bird species that has a small size. Despite the small size of these birds have a melodious voice and including the birds are active. To treat one type of bird is not so difficult in addition to food and drink nothing else that needs to be extra to take care of these birds. However, for the cleanliness of the cage is already of course must be kept clean so that no germs.


The turtledove is kind of bird has its own characteristics. In addition to the characteristic of the section sorrel-colored fur. This bird also has a long tail and there are parts of feathers that are white. Additionally, this bird also has distinctive features on the neck which has a white spot. Doves, birds can be regarded as close to humans because humans are always close by. For the problem to fly, these birds can fly low unlike other birds. Birds with the characteristics mentioned above are a bird that has long been known by many people due to melodious voice.


The last bird species have melodious voices are doves. Doves are species of birds which become the choice of many people. The characteristics of these birds have feathers with gray. These types of birds chirping issued very small, but even small melodious voice. One bird is also a glorified bird species than other bird species.

The types of birds on a bird species in a melodious voice. However, not only the four species of birds at the top who has a melodious voice many more like, parrots, canaries, and a humming bird is a bird stone beautiful voice as well.

Tricks on Reducing Bad Smelled in Dog

Bad Smelled in DogHaving a pet dog is not only a friend but also a friend joking security. By acting funny and always moving actively, the house will never be lonely. Even very suitable to serve as friends roads, be it to the mall or to the park while also relaxing stroll or jog. Certainly will never be bored friends with the pet. However, the dog smell bad sometimes reduce harmony in jest. Imagine, very uncomfortable indeed if the dog smells musty. Never petted, had approached him would arise only reluctantly so that this problem can make friends with the dog becomes tenuous. Is your pet, too? If so, know that your dog needs your full attention in order to fragrance. Because basically smelly dog that is not being derived from the condition itself. Discover tricks overcome in the description below:

Bathe the dog once a week

Any human being would arise sour odor if not shower once a day. Moreover with pets who can not take care of themselves. Your pet dog is certainly loaded with bacteria because rarely bathed. Besides him to hospital, mainly also invited a foul odor. Of course, washing the dog on a regular basis at least once a week is an effective way that can be done. In addition to creating fragrance and that certainly helps avoid disease. Use shampoo and soap specifically for dogs that grow fresh. Clean up all his teeth with a special toothbrush. Remember, give protection to the pet’s important to do so that health can be maintained. Even routine vaccination but if his health less attention is not likely to be easily affected by the disease.

Provide healthy food

There is a close relationship between food consumed dogs with body odor. The food is difficult to digest makes digestive not smoothly, causing stinging smell of flatus. Foods containing preservatives can also trigger bad breath is not fresh, certainly very disturbing comfort when playing with him. In fact, it could lead to the feathers dull so no unsightly. That is why the need to provide healthy food for dogs. You can search for special food for pets that are already widely available in pet stores in general. Note the expiration date of the food you buy, do not harm and threat to the safety of your beloved dog.

Clean bed

The smell of dog odors are also typically derived from his bed were less than clean. How not, if the bed is often the place to urinate and large would be very dirty. For that, there is no harm if more attention to the cleanliness of a dog bed. If it is dirty, immediately clean up by washing until completely clean. Similarly, washing the dog, clean the bed is an attempt to protect them from diseases. Just an advice, in a wash cloth to avoid using fabric softener because it will trigger irritation in dogs. Cleaning dog beds should be done once a week or once every two weeks depending on the cleanliness of a dog. If the indiscriminate defecation certainly should be more frequent, nor vice versa.

Smelly dog that is not tasty indeed fair. But as a custodian of a good dog and likes cleanliness certainly should pay attention that does not look slovenly. However, do not ever spraying the fragrance or perfume to litter after eliminate the smell unfriendly because of the way will not solve the problem effectively.

Find The Best Puppy Trainer

Got a pet dog at home but never understood the desire of his master, for example, does not come or even go when called, is certainly not a pleasant thing. Never become friends streets, chatting at home is not possible. More so if the pet has an aggressive nature, it is not likely going to jeopardize the safety when exposed to scratches or bites. Given the domestic dog has a specific function to be maintained, there is one effective way that can be done to make it a docile and obedient, which use the services of dog trainers. who has enough experience will interact very well, so that in a short time makes it possible to change the attitude of the dog that had been badly be submissive and obedient.Puppy Trainer

However, the chosen dog trainer also should not be arbitrary. Many coaches offer their services but do not promise to be successful training in accordance with what is expected. Certainly not when the loss was out of money but to no avail? Therefore, if you want to find the best coach to address the delinquency on your pet, it’s good to use some of the tips below:

Find out in detail about the dog trainer

The first thing that should be observed in the search for a dog trainer to fit the desires profile is the coach. From can take full profile ranging from bio personal trainer to educational attainment. Note that, a professional dog trainer and has a good ability to train a pet, particularly holds an official certificate. Hobbies alone is not enough if you want to be an animal trainer who ably, but also need education to get maximum knowledge. For example, to understand the behavior or properties of the dogs in order to control the behavior that is less impressive. Therefore, when selecting some coaches make sure to choose the training that has been certified to be followed pet dog can correspond and meet expectations.

Review the facilities and services provided

Second, to support the training of dogs that can be run with the maximum variety of adequate facilities should also be provided. The facilities in question include the enclosure or place of residence, yard and play equipment, and so forth. In addition to the facilities should also be services, such as veterinary care is also important to support training. For example, provide healthy food, bathe regularly, maintain a healthy place to live, and perform the recommended vaccinations to keep them from diseases. Some things will need to be further training so that the dog can run smoothly and health can be maintained in full.

Monitor the testimonies of the clients

Third, the testimony could be a picture of a dog trainer if you want to use his services either to have or not. The opinions of the customers who have entrusted their pets to the coach can certainly make an impression, either positive or negative it is shaped in accordance with what they receive. To be sure the service dog trainer been in line with expectations, make sure the trainer has a good reputation one of the client testimonials. You can find it on the official website where the pet training.

Looking for a coach for the puppies to change the behavior that is less good, including one perfect solution worth considering rather than have to always resort to violence. With the help of a coach, not only to make docile pets but also intelligent and agile. Meanwhile, if the atrocities do not rule out the possibility it will make the dog becomes unkempt, sick, and even defiant.

Tips on Maintain Your Pet’s Health

Maintain Your Pet's HealthNot a few people who decided to keep a pet. The reason is because it varies from animal lovers, can be used as companion at home, up to in order to provide additional income. Interested in raising animals, but do not have the time? Please consider reverting intention to raise animals. Therefore, pet minimal maintenance or not cared for properly will be disrupted health. More fatal, health problems experienced by the pet can be transmitted to you either through lick, bite, or touch. If you have enough time, why not? Here are tips on keeping your pet’s health:

Perform vaccinations

Vaccination is the administration of vaccines to pets to weaken bacteria in the pet’s body that could trigger diseases such as the following: Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, Rabies, Panleukopenia, Calici virus, Rhinotracheitis, and much more. Vaccine is also expected that a pet’s illness is not contagious to you. Vaccination is primarily done when you keep the cat or dog from the age of 6 weeks. For certain types of vaccine (one of them Rabies) generally must be repeated 1 year after the pets either cat or dog is 1 year old. The cost for the vaccination itself is quite diverse (based on the type of vaccine that is injected), the range of tens to hundreds of thousands of rupees. Although vaccination aims to banish the disease in pets, it will still be there the perceived effect of pet after vaccination among red spots, fast heart rate, itching, difficulty breathing, etc.

Give the right food & healthy

Every kind of pets has different foods. Therefore, do not just select foods. It is better to ask first to the party in which you adopt the pet of foods commonly consumed pet you adopt (you can also surf the internet). If regular dry food with the brand “A”, you should follow it. Similarly, if the usual pet wet food, can be given. No less importantly, you should provide a healthy diet. Healthy here means the nutrients needed by pets including vitamins A, B12, B1b (thiamine), and B3b (niacin), protein, and so forth. In addition, the food given to pets should not be expired or stale and that certainly does not contain preservatives like Propyl gallate, Butylated hydroxytoluene, etc.

Bathe & drying routine

Do not forget to bathe your pet regularly, ideally 2 times a day. Know, one of the primary disease trigger skin diseases suffered by pets is triggered because rarely washed. Just make sure to use a special shampoo the pet to avoid irritation. After the washing, do not forget to comb the fur of pets from being frizzy and tangled. Equally important was drying a pet on a regular basis. Suggested for drying pets under 10 o’clock so that the sun is not too oppressive. Vitamin D when the morning sunlight in addition to providing physical fitness pets can also kill the bacteria on the body of the pet that can trigger the disease. Remember, not too long drying your pet! At least 10 minutes. Afterwards, do not forget to give drinking water to avoid dehydration.

Hopefully this information is helpful for you to get a healthy pet: D

Do These If You Adopt Chihuahua

chihuaChihuahua is one of the famous dog types in the world. It is also known as the smallest dog type because it is short and tiny with long hair (some Chihuahuas have short one). However its body is small, when it barks, it is able to produce loud bark. Anyway, are you keen on adopting this dog type? If you are, think twice because you have to spare your time to take care of your pet every day. If you just adopt it without wanting to look after it, you are not suggested to do this. Nevertheless, if you are sure and ready to do this, make sure that you look after it as well as possible by doing the following tips:

Keep your steps

You need to know that Chihuahua likes walking between feet. If you adopt a puppy of Chihuahua, it is a problem because you can step on it accidentally. This usually happens if dog owners don’t know the existence of their dog or do not see their dog at all. Realize that your dog will get injury if you step on it hard. To avoid facing this problem, keep your steps, especially if you let your dog go anywhere at your home. Besides, it is better to enter it into cage if you are busy because of having many jobs at home. By doing these, the risks of making it get injury can be minimized.

Feed it regularly

Similar to other dog types, Chihuahua also needs to eat, three times a day. Therefore, feed your pet regularly. Remember to buy high quality dog foods only at trusted pet stores. Don’t forget to clean its pet’s plate/bowl after it eats so there are no bacteria or dirt anymore. Furthermore, if you are encouraged to buy milk for your pet so it grows up and develops optimally. What if you often go outside or spend most of time outside? You should ask for help from your siblings or parents to help you feed it your pet. Alternatively, bring your Chihuahua to animal day care so it gets optimal services.

Provide a cage

Don’t let your pet roam at your home all day. This makes it free to sleep, gag, and take a poop or pee anywhere. This also makes it stress out fast, especially if there are many people at your home. Of course, the possibility to step it also is bigger. For this, you should provide a comfortable cage. Enter it into cage if you are busy or go outside. You also have to do the same thing at night. Let it take a sleep comfortably in cage.

Last but not least, bring your Chihuahua minimum once three months to pet medical clinic to check its health condition. This is important to do to prevent your dog get serious diseases. For instance, if it often looks tired, bring it to pet clinic soon so it can get its health and mood back. Hopefully, you can look after it well.